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More About Secretariat's Glory 

Secretariat's Glory Cont'd... 


Penny met them both for the first time and posed for pictures as the crowd swarmed in to capture their own memorabilia. Two years later, Penny understood how serious Shirley was when she announced that she wanted to help waive her banner to "Keep the Secretariat Legacy Alive".  Glory made the 2013 Kentucky Derby List but was sidelined with a tendon issue.  What a disappointment to come that far and miss the opportunity every thoroughbred owner dreams of… “Running for the Roses”.  After months of recovery, he returned to the track and won his maiden race at Gulfstream Park on August 21, 2014.  He was sired by Eclipse Champion, and back-to-back Breeder’s Cup Sprint Champion, Midnight Lute, who’s sire, Real Quiet, missed the Triple Crown title by a photo finish.  Deputy Minister is also in the sire's pedigree and Mr. Prospector on his dam's side to give him a power-packed double Secretariat pedigree (Top and bottom). Shirley choose purple and gold for her racing silks based on Glory’s royal pedigree and his name, Secretariat's Glory, was gleaned from the last scene in the movie as his groom, Eddie Sweat, looked up toward heaven and shouted, “Oh Glory” when Secretariat crossed the finish line to capture the coveted Triple Crown title.


Secretariat’s Glory has enjoyed his freedom in his pasture at home and hopefully will enjoy his new assignment beginning this build his own branch of offspring to help “Grow the Secretariat Family Tree”.  

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