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Our Mission

The 2007 movie, The Bucket List, portrays two terminally ill men on their journey to fulfill their “wish list” of things to do before they “kick-the-bucket”.  Shirley Bennett Anderson’s husband, Johnny, disabled WWII vet loved the movie and vowed to fulfill his strong long-desired wish to find a way to help his fellow military comrades.  


When he first visited Shirley’s horse farm he professed that he considered himself to be a horse whisperer and announced that he wanted to establish a horse therapy program for disabled vets using her Secretariat descendants.  Shirley agreed that it was a splendid idea.  From that day forward they were a perfect match and never spent a day apart until Johnny passed at the age of 97 on Pearl Harbor Day of 2014.  He left before his last wish was fulfilled so Shirley has vowed to fulfill his Bucket List for him. She intends to make his dream a reality in his memory to honor all those who served in the military.


For vets who have seen the Secretariat movie released in 2010, they will most likely be thrilled to come meet his last producing daughter in the world, his last born grandson, a granddaughter and great-grandchildren.  The added bonus of being able to handle them will help combat any stress-related syndrome they battle in everyday life.  Having the chance to handle them and let the horse do their “magic energy” work will go a long way to help them. 

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