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The movie, Secretariat, renewed the true-life story of a thoroughbred racing legend and his owner, Penny Chenery. The movie inspired another woman, Shirley Bennett Anderson, to establish Glory Meadows to pick up Penny Chenery’s mantle, to, “Keep Honking His Horn”. That was Penny’s description of her late-in-life role during an interview with Walt Disney movie producer. 


What started as a personal mercy mission in 2009 to save the life of a son of Hall of Fame Champion, Deputy Minister, became Shirley’s mission.  The four-year-old colt Shirley tried to save was a 4th generation Secretariat descendant, which heavily influenced Shirley’s decisions.  After meeting Penny at the 2011Kentucky Derby, her goals were set in stone. 

Shirley has raised her own “Secretariat Banner” to honor both horse and owner by inviting Secretariat fans to join the mission team to help grow and nurture the Secretariat Family Tree through her, “Breeding with A Mission”, program.  Since that time, Glory Meadows has grown from its inception to a prestigious group of Secretariat descendants comprised of five foal crops sired by leading US and International Champions. 


Shirley also intends to fulfill her late husband’s last Bucket List wish to help his fellow Veterans and Special Needs, Children.  Shirley hopes that the therapy programs will turn the "Sport of Kings" into the "Sport of Dreams".  Glory Meadows is pleased to offer to those interested in perpetuating the legacy of the legendary Secretariat a two-fold mission membership program to help nurture the Secretariat Family Tree and help reach out to those in need.


The membership program will offer the pride of sponsorship for helping to grow and nurture the Secretariat family tree.  Your donation of any amount will be put to good use to help care for twenty-two Secretariat descendants’, along with future generations of Secretariat family members.  It’s all about keeping his legacy alive and helping the less fortunate.  Donations of a $100 or greater will receive a Recognition Certificate as a Lifetime member.  Please check out our “Wish List” for donation ideas and our racing artwork auction donated by renowned artist and author Robert Clark.

Please Donate
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